How to Join

Möchtest du unserer deutschen Gruppe beitreten? Lies hier die deutschen Anweisungen zum Beitritt.

Joining the Booker Tea Reading Group is not rocket science, but there is a bit of a process. Hang in – it’s worth it!

First, please take some time to read our About Us page.

Once you’ve done that, simply join our group on We use our space on Band to keep members informed of upcoming discussion dates and locations, book ordering issues, and (sometimes) literary and social outings organized by members. Subscription requests are usually* approved within 24 hours.

We use because (a) some of our members are not on Facebook and (b) we sometimes meet in the homes of members, for which location information is only published in our private group. is browser-based and also has mobile apps (iOS, Android).

For anti-spam purposes, you must sign up with Band and join our group via this link:


  1. Sign up with Band using your choice of mobile number, email address, or using Apple, Facebook, or Google. This will create your profile on Band.
  2. Thereafter, you will see a popup with our group invitation: “The Booker Tea Reading Group. Tammi invites you.” Click “Request to join.”
  3. Respond to the popup with your name, neighborhood of residence, and which group(s) you want to join: the English group, the German group, or both. Example: “My name is Monika. I live in Lichterfelde. I want to join the German group.”
  4. Click “Next.”
  5. In the popup that states “The Booker Tea Reading Group,” click “Join This Band.”

Having technical problems? Contact Jennifer M. and Tammi via for assistance.

We look forward to enjoying a great discussion with you!

* Currently, we have a LOT of new interest in joining. We’re working on easing the flow. Thank you for your patience!

Updated 18 December 2023. Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash.